Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Over The Life Of The Solution

A lease lets you realize considerable savings compared to an outright purchase as you do not spend your capital budget all at once. Leasing also helps reduce the concerns and costs associated with equipment disposal and depreciation

More Flexible Payment Options

Different payment structures can be tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, periodic payments can be structured to increase, decrease or stay constant over time, which allows for fixed budgeting over a set term

Faster Implementation

Buying capital equipment often involves a lengthy budget approval process. Choosing leasing can help shorten the process, accelerating the implementation of the solution.

Reduced Risk

At the end of the term, leasing gives you the option of simply returning the equipment, purchasing it outright or upgrading the contract, making it easier to cascade, upgrade or dispose of their equipment.

Minimized Impact On Capital Budgets

Leasing is a great way to minimize the impact on your capital budgets (Capex), since month-to-month payments usually come out of their cash budget (Opex)

Easier Asset Management And Disposal

For qualifying cliens, Ivos can greatly streamline the task of asset tracking, which is required to maintain information on the equipment’s physical location, upgrade status, warranty and maintenance.

Better Protection Against Technology Obsolescence

When we normally purchase, the asset depreciates over a period of three to five years. Leasing eliminates the risk of needing to dispose of the asset prior to writing off its book value. It also eliminates equipment disposal headaches or trying to sell equipment on the secondary market. We often underestimate the challenge of disposing of outdated machine, a process that frequently involves logistical, legal and environmental issues. By offering you flexible mid-lease and end-of-lease options, you have the opportunity to upgrade equipment and take advantage of technology developments instead of retaining a device that may not be the most productive at that time as your business naturally evolves over time.