IVOS collaborates with the best technology providers toassess and simplify your business processes in order to make them cost efficient, streamlined, error proof and transparent. Business Process automation is the digital transformation of complex, and costly, business processes. Enhanced with a web-based platform and an analytics engine, it has proven to be one of the best tools for effective decision making.

Quick & Simple Setup

The platform application is fullyconfigurable to best suit your business needs in a way customized to the details of your brand and business model.

Centralized Repository

Manage all of the organization's documents within a single centralized repository while maintaining different user or group permissions. The Documents Manager can act as your company's electronic archive.

Automated Transactions

Generate any Sales, Finance or Inventory Documents on the go and manage them by setting the necessary levels of approval.

Real-Time Collaborations

Take communication to the next level and increase overall productivity. With the Collaborations Platform you can publish announcements, have individual or even group chats.

Instant Notifications

Stay Updated with every activity in your organization. The Activity Logger will ensure you get notified for every required approval, recently added document or successfully closed deal.

Business Process Management

Improve the way you work. The Process Engine is a powerful workflow automator, tasks manager and efficiency reporter. It can also integrate with your website, mobile application or third-party system.

Intelligent Reporting

Track your business progress and let the platform analyze the reports for you. The Analytics Engine is proven to be one of the best tools used for effective decision making.